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Comparison of the effect of alpha-lipoic acid and alphatocopherol supplementation on measures of oxidative stress.
Efficacy and safety of antioxidant treatment with alpha-lipoic acid over 4 years in diabetic polyneuropathy: the NATHAN 1 trial.
Both alpha-lipoic acid and acetyl-L-carnitine are considered safe at the recommended daily doses of 200 mg per day for lipoic acid and 500 mg per day for ALCAR, although you can take lower doses if you want.
Alpha-lipoic acid as a new treatment option for Alzheimer's disease--48 months follow-up analysis.
Unlike many of the botanicals used to treat diabetes, alpha-lipoic acid has a large body of data from well-conducted studies behind it.
Foods (other than yeast and liver) contain only tiny amounts of the substance, so the only way to have free alpha-lipoic acid in one's body is through supplements or injection.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Headline and sub-head of release should read: Controlled-Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid Introduced for Diabetics; The First and Only Proprietary, Controlled-Release Formulation of Alpha-Lipoic Acid Reduces Oxidative Stress Associated with Diabetes by Antagonizing Excessive Free Radicals at the Cellular Level (sted First-Ever Controlled-Release Alpha-Lipoic Acid Helps Relieve Diabetic Complications; Medical Research Institute Introduces Glucotize: First and Only Controlled-Release Formulation of Alpha-Lipoic Acid; Shown to Help Reduce Oxidative Stress Associated with Diabetes at Cellular Level).
We started oral chelators, EDTA, DMSA, chlorella, garlic, cilantro, and alpha-lipoic acid.
Previous studies from our laboratory have shown that addition of alpha-lipoic acid ([alpha]-LA) to diets could enhance the antioxidant capability of broilers (Zhang et al.
Several tolerable and readily available candidates include N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR), S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), coenzyme Q(10) (CoQ10), alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), creatine monohydrate (CM), and melatonin.
It was the first to introduce such leading ingredients as Coenzyme Q10, chondroitin, glucosamine, alpha-lipoic acid and AHCC medicinal mushroom in the U.