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AltaVista Company is a leading global search service at http://www.
AltaVista spokesman Jim Shissler said the company, a leading search portal, never intended the free Internet service to be its key business.
The Advanced Search Features section does a particularly good job of explaining how AltaVista implements Boolean operators.
AltaVista provides research on Exchange Traded Funds, allowing investors to view and value ETFs with the depth of fundamental analysis typically available only for single stocks.
Additionally, AltaVista helps people find exactly what they're looking for by offering refinement features in its image search that enables consumers to customize searches by dimension -- color, source, size and duration.
It links to the AltaVista Search Network page (http://www.
Fast Search & Transfer(TM) (FAST(TM)), the leading developer of enterprise search and real-time alerting technologies, today announced the acquisition of the AltaVista enterprise search business, including more than two hundred customers, from Overture Services, Inc.
With greater emphasis on providing searches by file quality, including customized searches for larger image files and superior downloadable audio and video content, the index now offers AltaVista important advantages in meeting users' growing demand for multimedia search capabilities.
Having recently closed the strategic acquisitions of the AltaVista Company and the Web search unit of FAST, Overture outlined significant progress in the integration of those businesses.
Overture plans to develop a common platform for its new Web search product before the end of 2003 and will continue to operate both AltaVista and FAST's search engines separately until that time.
Through the combination of FAST's Web search unit and AltaVista, Overture expects to be at the forefront of the industry in offering a full suite of paid placement, paid inclusion and algorithmic Web search products and services for syndication to portals, ISPs and other search destination sites.