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This may explain why hypernatraemia and an altered level of consciousness were more prevalent in HDKA than NHDKA admissions.
Confusion Assessment Method for the Intensive Care Unit (CAM-ICU) is another tool which uses nonverbal assessments to evaluate acute or fluctuating onset of delirium, inattention, disorganized thinking and altered level of consciousness, however, sleep-wake cycle, diurnal variation and lability of mood are not questioned by CAM-ICU, while they are well evaluated by NDRS.
Based on serologic results, we defined a confirmed case as a case in a village resident with fever, headache, or altered level of consciousness within the specific outbreak period with antibodies reactive with Nipah antigen.
The nurse in this case study failed to recognize pre-arrest signs and symptoms (altered level of consciousness, elevated pulse, decreased blood pressure), and did not seek assistance from colleagues or call the physician.
Acute exposure to elemental mercury vapor is characterized by euphoria, irritability, anxiety, and emotional lability, whereas chronic exposure results in mental confusion, altered level of consciousness, and permanent tremor (LaDou 1997; Letz et al.
It involves disturbed neurologic function as evidenced by difficulty in initiating and maintaining breathing, an altered level of consciousness, depressed tone and reflexes, and often seizures.
Children were not included if they had a history of cardiac disease or chronic respiratory disease (other than asthma), had an altered level of consciousness, or were in respiratory failure.
A 20 years old man with no known co-morbid conditions presented with low grade fever and unilateral limb weakness for three weeks which increased gradually, associated with altered level of consciousness for the last five days.