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Alterna Office, a front office outsourcing solution, offers efficient bilingual services including live receptionists, virtual assistants and online applications such as "tasks managers" at a fraction of the cost of in-house staffing.
By incorporating a J2EE compliant application server into the auros Extended Liquidity Suite, we have been able to substantially improve our processing capabilities allowing us to easily manage the transaction volumes of large corporates, financial institutions and trading communities" said Dave Mossman, Chief Technology Officer at Alterna.
Having someone like Paul to rapidly establish a world-wide presence is very important at this point in Alterna's evolution, as our technology has now evolved into the leading platform in the financial supply-chain management marketplace," said Gonzalo Naranjo, President and Chairman of Alterna.
Roger Miller, Managing Partner of Alterna, stated, "We are excited to partner with AMG and their management team to progress AMG Graphite's growth strategy.
Merck, Citibank and alterna will all benefit from the shorter implementation timelines and significantly lower costs associated with open and re-useable bank interfaces," said Ian Johnson, European Treasurer, Merck.
Ames currently serves at the Chairman and CEO of Alterna Energy, which he co-founded as an answer to the peaking of the petroleum supply curve.
to watch the latest extreme and action sports from Latin America with today s launch of PX TV, distributed worldwide by Alterna TV.
Paul also previously served as CEO of Alterna Technology Group, president of International Operations for divine, inc.
33% equity stake in Bogala Graphite Lanka PLC ("Bogala") to Alterna Capital Partners ("Alterna") for a total cash price of $38m.
Bertrand is a director of the following companies: CS Alterna Bank, Montage e-Integration Inc.
Under its agreements with Alterna, Taro will receive manufacturing revenues, royalties and a warrant for a 5% equity position in Alterna.
A subsidiary of Eutelsat Americas based in Miami, Alterna TV has hired Aymeric Genty as its new CEO.