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And that alternant occurred before other suffixes (-nak/-nek, -m, etc.
It is not clear whether in New England want/wa'n't was originally an alternant form of warn 't or wasn't (or both): it might appear, however, that nineteenth-century folk speakers favored a reanalysis of wa'n't as derived from wasn't (rather than weren't) through long-term contact with nonstandard was in all positive contexts (with were occurring in nonstandard position only sporadically) and wasn't/wa'n't being the common forms of speech of New Englanders.
In two cases it seems possible that use of this feminine alternant of -BA--even when the overt subject refers to plural males or an inanimate entity--seems triggered by occurrence, within the subject nominal, of a modifier consisting of a woman's name plus the genitive ending.
In English, the alternants have different entailments--the with-alternant entails the locative alternant, but not vice-versa, (Levin and Rappaport Hovav 2003; among others).
The data suggest that the use of the prefix is determined neither by the ablaut vowel in the preterite nor by the number of ablaut alternants of the prefixed verb.
Just as Avestan preserves and extends the original j- alternant for the root gam- (OAv.
8232;En alternant culture et developpement, cet evenement se veut l'occasion de decouvrir El Jadida, a travers l'animation des lieux emblematiques de la province et vise la promotion et la dynamisation du developpement economique et social durable de la region.
D'un seul jet, en alternant les fondus, le realisateur raconte la courte vie de son pere et de la sienne, qui semble en etre une copie conforme.
The numerical tests have been done considering only the bending fatigue solicitation, by alternant symmetrical cycles, caused by a bearing force [F.
Discourse status and topicality may come into play as speakers choose one alternant over the other (Bresnan et al.
The voiced labial alternant was reflected as labial approximant w or as unrounded velar fricative [gamma], depending on the following vowel: [gamma] before PGmc.
12-Tirakom : Alternant les bonnes et mauvaises prestations, il faudra neanmoins tenir compte de ses chances, car il aura l'avantage de partir surune bonne echelle des poids et qu'il aura a croiser le fer avec des chevaux qui logiquement ne devraient pas lui poser de gros problemes 13-Taqualide : Embusque dans le bas du tableau, ce jeune poulain de 3 ans, confie a l'excellent apprenti jockey A.