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ALTERNAT. The name of a usage among diplomatists by which the rank and places of different powers, who have the same rights and pretensions to precedence, are changed from time to time, either in a certain regular order, or one determined by lot. In drawing up treaties and conventions, for example, it is the usage of certain powers to alternate, both in the preamble and the signatures, so that each power occupies, in the copy intended to be delivered to it, the first place. Wheat. Intern. Law, pt. 2, c. 3, Sec. 4..

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It's a great alternat where most people have been before.
Alternat ively, "depending on her awareness of racism and the strength of preexisting efficacy in the particular performance area, she might be able to correctly attribute the differential performance feedback to bias and an inequitable reward system" (Hackett & Byars, 1996, p.