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v. to gain or obtain possession, including the receipt of a legacy from an estate, getting title to real property, or stealing an object.

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TAKE. This is a technical expression which signifies to be entitled to; as, a devisee will take under the will. To take also signifies to seize, as to take and carry away.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The bonus material is phenomenal, packed with alternate takes, extended dubs and Curtis Mayfield covers.
This is the complete version of those sessions including rehearsal versions, alternate takes and the most rocking of medleys.
This is the complete version of the television special, including rehearsal versions, alternate takes and the most rocking of medleys.
On the Let It Be alternate takes, The band seemed like stoners and flakes.
For answers, look no further than A Piano: The Collection, a five-disc boxed set compiling 86 of the singer-songwriter's signature tracks, B-sides, remixes, live renditions, alternate takes, and unreleased songs.
Now we have the grouping together of previously released studio sessions of the two masters plus unreleased alternate takes and false starts.
Unlike the Groove Note SACD, they chose to include four bonus tracks of three alternate takes and "CC Rider" from another album.
Exhaustive scholarly editions of our near-contemporaries can be found in the jazz and pop sections of any record store - I am referring of course to boxed compact-disc sets, often complete with "drafts" (demo recordings) and "variant readings" (alternate takes).
Three of the CDs in this musical package, produced by Bruce Gary, feature alternate takes, home demos and rare live performances.

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