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Their supporters said that even if they did, a university classroom was the place for alternative theories.
The economics of financial turbulence; alternative theories of money and finance.
12) There was nothing improper about presenting the two alternative theories to the jury; the windfall recovery was the problem.
I would suggest the biggest problem we face, and always have faced, is immorality caused by manipulation and while the Bible is devalued and ridiculed by alternative theories, our society will deteriorate amid a catalogue of lies.
com/ is the definitive resource for investigations of the alternative theories, in-depth articles, empirical evidence and information about those involved in the discoveries and the debate.
However, he adds that the researchers can't rule out alternative theories, in part because the models from them are so inconsistent.
An important theme that emerges from this review of alternative theories is that metaphor does not fit neatly into either traditional semantics or pragmatics, but has elements associated with both (p.
Define any alternative theories of damages that may exist and how to measure them.
While a general claim will probably not be sufficient to maintain a refund suit, it may be sufficient to keep the door open to argue alternative theories at the administrative level.
A half-century ago, both Harvard's leading liberal and leading conservative economists (Alvin Hansen and Joseph Schumpeter) urged alternative theories which converged around the argument that persistent stagnation was inevitable under capitalism - the result of a chronic state of weak consumption or a recurrent failure of investment, or both.
Topics covered include insurers' third-party "bad faith" in refusing to settle an action or first-party bad faith in refusing to pay benefits owed; "bad faith" claims involving specific lines of insurance; common law claims; unfair claims settlement practices statutes and regulations; state unfair trade practices statutes; alternative theories of liability, including unjust enrichment and violations of federal law; "comparative bad faith"; and "reverse bad faith.
Alternative theories are that these creatures are either a small group of modern humans, Homo sapiens, whose brains and bodies have been prevented from growing normally because of a wasting disease, or that they are descendants of tiny-brained ape-like creatures.

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