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Alternative theories include Modified Newtonian Dynamics, or MOND.
Ed Stone, of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and NASA's Voyager Project Scientist said in a statement that it was the nature of the scientific process that alternative theories could develop in order to account for new observations.
Holt (American Economic Review, 1986) argued that, given the axiom of reduction of compound lotteries, randomly selecting one choice for payoff is incentive compatible only for expected utility theory; it is not incentive compatible for alternative theories such as cumulative prospect theory or rank dependent utility theory.
Over three hours, defense lawyers for Mustafa Badreddine and Hussein Oneissi are expected to outline a strategy that relies on questioning the validity of telecommunications evidence presented by the prosecution, offering alternative theories for who assassinated the former premier, and pointing out that there was no political motive for Hezbollah to order Hariri's assassination.
They are entitled to approximately four hours to present their alternative theories, whereas tomorrow will be a day off for sessions to resume on Wednesday to hear the testimonies of 8 witnesses," Yousef added.
The author acknowledges throughout that there are alternative theories regarding the foundations of his ideas.
They consider neoclassical growth models and their empirical application, intellectual property, the way that different goods stimulate growth, creative destruction and the economics of Schumpterian growth, simple models of growth including steady state analysis, alternative theories of endogenous growth, natural resources, and long-term economic performance.
The first part of the story offers a unifying treatment of disputes about epistemic modality and disputes about matters of fact while at the same time avoiding the complexities of alternative theories.
The article, "Success in Litigating Local Permit Denials: Alternative Theories of Obtaining Justice" (Dec.
Much like the Kennedy assassination and the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, alternative theories continue.
The scarcity has stoked alternative theories to the government's matter-of-fact explanation for the hashish trade's apparent decline.
Those alternative theories that do not require dark matter fail these tests.

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