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2003) while the alternative complement pathway is directly activated via binding of spontaneously activated C3b to the surface of a pathogen (Reid and Porter, 1981; Thacker, 2003).
The presumed mechanism for the decrease of C3 but not C4 in the ascitic fluid is a combination of dilution, low hepatic synthesis, and greater consumption of C3 due to an activation of the alternative complement pathway.
The alternative complement pathway can be considered as constitutively active but held in check by a number of regulatory proteins, including factor H.
Taligen's ability to develop multiple novel protein therapeutics targeting the alternative complement pathway and to specifically target them to sites of inflammation presents an exciting development opportunity and will afford us broad strategic latitude, including exploring substantial partnering opportunities.
Complement 1 inhibitor is a regulator of the alternative complement pathway.
Classical and alternative complement pathway activities (CP and AP respectively) were determined in HPS.

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