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An assumption or theory.

During a criminal trial, a hypothesis is a theory set forth by either the prosecution or the defense for the purpose of explaining the facts in evidence. It also serves to set up a ground for an inference of guilt or innocence, or a showing of the most probable motive for a criminal offense.


noun assertion, assignment of cause, assumption, conclusion drawn from accepted truths, conjecture, deduction, guess, inference, postulate, postulation, speculation, suggestion, supposal, surmise, tentative explanation, tentative law, theory, thesis, unproved theory
See also: assumption, basis, belief, conclusion, conjecture, deduction, generalization, idea, inference, opinion, postulate, presumption, prolepsis, proposition, speculation, supposition, theory, thesis
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So the null hypothesis is same for both categories but the alternative hypothesis is different for within-dimension and between-dimension categories.
To start the analysis, NS suggest the use of a sup F type test of no slope breaks against the alternative hypothesis that there are m slope breaks.
The ADF-GLS is a more powerful test than the ADF test, especially when the alternative hypothesis is stationarity and a time trend is included in the regression as a deterministic term.
The form of the null and alternative hypothesis governs whether the testing is one-tailed or two-tailed.
The null hypothesis that Nigerians who desire a second official language will not prefer French to other languages is rejected while the alternative hypothesis that Nigerians who desire a second official language will prefer French to other languages is accepted
Alternative Hypothesis 2: There is a correlation between the student progress scores and the Invitational Environmental corollaries: people, program, process, place, policies.
2]) is the probability of observing the new data assuming the alternative hypothesis.
Alternative hypothesis : Reviewed articles rate regarding critical thinking factors with predicted average has significant difference.
In the case that the alternative hypothesis is accepted, the sign of the difference is employed to determine which is better than the other.
Table 2 shows the proportion of rejections under the alternative hypothesis in 500 trails for sample sizes ([n.
1) An alternative hypothesis, at least for patients with infiltrative diseases of the bone marrow, is that alteration of the bone marrow microenvironment leads to premature exit of immature hematopoietic cells from the bone marrow, with their accumulation at extramedullary anatomic sites.

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