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ALTERNATIVE. The one or the other of two things. In contracts a party has frequently the choice to perform one of several things, as, if he is bound to pay one hundred dollars, or to deliver a horse, he has the alternative. Vide Election; Obligation; Alternative.

LEGACY, ALTERNATIVE. One where the testator gives one of two things to the legatee without designating which of them; as, one of my two horses. Vide Election.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Such solidarity is perhaps particularly necessary in a world in which pronouncements by politicians and policy makers tend to be couched in rationalist terms, far removed from constructive alternativism, as in the following quote from a British Secretary of State for Health, introducing a new initiative to expand (almost exclusively cognitive-behavioral) psychological therapy services: "Successful psychological therapies ensure that the right number of people are offered a choice of the right services at the right time with the right results" (Hewitt, 2007, p.
Sometimes we need to find new meanings or constructions (Kelly's constructive alternativism) when our best constructions need to better help us anticipate experience stop being effective.
Questioning the mere core of current discourse about science (as is done in philosophy of science) and elaborating it with different views on how science can be construed among different philosophers of science, as well as what a person-as-scientist actually does, confirms the core of Kelly's work--the philosophy of constructive alternativism. Therefore, there is no given, ready-made and clear cut edition of the person-as-scientist, except one using as many possible alternative constructions of science as come to mind.
George Kelly, the founder of personal construct psychology, stated this idea in the form of his central notion of constructive alternativism:
The idea of therapy as social critique puts a contextual perspective, a situated point of view, at the heart of Kelly's philosophy of "constructive alternativism." According to this philosophy,

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