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Amazin' things can happen in a regular life, if you let it.
Quotes like, how good were they, you look amazin', singing live as well.
Other successes for the new product development team at Snowbird included the California Raisin board competition, with Amazin' Raisin Chicken Balls; Meat Management, Manufacturer of the Year finalist; the British Frozen Food Federation, Best New Starter/Buffet/Appetiser product with Moroccan Chicken Meat Balls; and Food Processing, Ingredients, Manufacture and Use class, with honey as a replacement for dextrose.
Forty years ago people were talking about Apollo 11 and the man on the moon; Bethel, NY hosting the Woodstock Festival; and of course the Amazin' Mets trying to make a run for the National League Pennant
Amazin' the number of "super hot" pilots we have or at least pilots who think they're super hot.
CECI: These cartoons, amazin' how they go through so much hell, but nobody ever gets hurt.
Lola adds the Amazin' Scrubber Roller Mop to its expanding flagship LolaPRO stick goods line.
The Amazin' Mets over Earl Weaver and the Orioles in 1969.
I had nine points and 13 assists, which was amazin' considerin' the pressure.
Factory); TOOTS THIELEMANS, One More for the Road (Verve); Classic African-American Ballads (Smithsonian Folkways); CHRISTINA MILIAN, So Amazin' (Island Def Jam); RUDY CURRENCE, Here With You (Mike Chek); Dave Chappelle's Block Party (Geffen) soundtrack; BISHOP LEONARD SCOTT, Hymns and Church Songs: Live from Alabama (Tyscot); CANTON JONES, The Password: Access Granted (Arrow); DARREL PETTIES & STRENGTH IN PRAISE, Count It All Joy (EMI Gospel); STEPHANIE DOTSON, Miracles Still Happen (Artemis); AK'SENT, International (Capitol); BEANS, Only (Thirsty Ear); BUSTA RHYMES, The Big Bang (Interscope/A&M); M-l, Confidential (KOCH); MOBB DEEP, Blood Money (Interscope/A&M); MURS, Murray's Revenge (Record Collection); and STACKS, CraZee and ConfuZed (SoBe/WB).
A company Moulitsas started last year operates blogs written by and for fans of each of about a dozen baseball teams (there's Amazin' Avenue for the Mets, Athletics Nation for the A's) in which fans rip the talent just like on sports radio--the players am wimps, the coach is an idiot, I could do better.
Through technology called "iSimNow," fans of the 1962 Mets can find out if their amazin' heroes could beat the 1999 Yankees.