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Those Edinburgh residents with long memories may experience a sense of deja vu when visiting Pepe's Amazin' Downtown Diner on The Shore in Leith.
A company Moulitsas started last year operates blogs written by and for fans of each of about a dozen baseball teams (there's Amazin' Avenue for the Mets, Athletics Nation for the A's) in which fans rip the talent just like on sports radio--the players am wimps, the coach is an idiot, I could do better.
It's amazin' aah neighbours can fall aat ovver summat an' nowt, an' then afooar long they're at each other's throit.
Andrew Dowling, Ystrad, Rhondda # NOVELLO were amazin' in Pentre last Friday
Flavors include Chocolate Peanut Pleasure, Nutty Chocolate Apricot, Honey Nut Harvest, Cashew Almond Passion, Banana Nut Nirvana and Amazin' Peanut Raisin.
Included in the transaction, terms of which were not disclosed, are the Heidi, Jujyfruits, Wunderbeans and Amazin' Fruit trademarked confectionery brands as well as the rights to sell Chuckles branded products, under license.
ME fink Madonna iz amazin', and I iz one of her bestest matez.
People come here for the slow, easy pace, and getting excited about something long-term like beach erosion doesn't fit in with that idea," says Walter McDonald, a full-time resident who makes his living as the Amazin' Walter, building huge, fanciful sandcastles.
celebrated the stars of the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Giants, New York Yankees, and New York Mets - and featured World Series hero Ron Swoboda of the '69 Amazin' Mets, who signed autographs during the event.
Yes, the Yankees had their M&M boys (Mantle and Maris) piling up championships, and the Amazin' Mets had their Miracle, but my Giants had the Say Hey Kid, Stretch, and the Dominican Dandy--and Gaylord Perry, Jim Davenport, Orlando Cepeda, Tom Haller, all three Alou brothers, and so many others.
com, Pinstripe Alley, DRaysBay, Purple Row, Amazin' Ave.