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The Amazon Dash Button is a small, Wi-Fi connected device that allows consumers to order products from home with the push of a button.
ADeveloped by the US tech giant, Amazon Dash is an internetconnected device that allows consumers to order products literally at the press of a button.
You buy an Amazon Dash button for the product of your choice - at the moment there are 40 products to choose from.
Meanwhile, Amazon Dash, WiFiconnected buttons that reorder household products with a single press, has also been launched in the UK.
Another popular alternative is Amazon Dash, according to Javelin Research.
From Wednesday, German Amazon Prime customers will be able to order supplies of products such as toilet paper, dishwasher tablets, dog food and coffee at the touch of the WiFi-connected Amazon Dash button.
The Amazon Dash Button, one of Amazons newest gadgets, makes consumer products accessible by the push of a button.
Amazon Dash, a small, wireless-enabled button, is an example.
Edgewell Personal Care announced the availability of six new Amazon Dash Buttons for individual brands, including its femcare brands Playtex Sport, Carefree and Stayfree.
Amazon Dash Buttons--the little plastic connected devices through which consumers can with a single click order everything from diapers and disinfectant wipes to drinks and dog food, are now available for 100 brands.