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Elizabeth Eagan-Cox's novelette collection is published and retailed in Amazon Kindle e-book formats and available world-wide via Amazon retailers.
With the addition of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD & HDX and Fire phone, the app is now available on more than 30 different devices.
39 in the Small Business and Entrepreneurship category on Amazon Kindle is on sale and applicable Worldwide but mainly caters for the UK Market.
The e-book is available to download from Amazon Kindle.
table exch Amazon Amazon technology access e-book excellent hard e-book -bobititititititit' BEST BUY Amazon Kindle Touch PS169 Amazon brings touchscreen technology and 3G internet exch access to the Kindle.
TripIt, a US-based trip management company, has announced the launch of a Kindle Fire application for travellers using Amazon Kindle Fire tablet devices.
Amazon Web Services, Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Instant Video, our MP3 store, Appstore for Android -- we asked ourselves, is there some way we can bring all of these things together into a remarkable product offering that customers would love?
E-books can be downloaded to a PC, Mac or a personal eReader (excluding Amazon Kindle at the moment) for between one day and can also be downloaded from the comfort of your own home.
THE PRIME MINISTERS WIFE Part 1 by John Hare (DLLC Limited, available on Amazon Kindle, 99p) THIS is a tale of politics, drugs, corruption and the route to global salvation set in the mid 2020s.
I wanted to answer a question I often hear: Which e-reader or tablet is the best for reading books So I set out to try them all, reading a chapter on each: the Amazon Kindle, the first- and second-generation Apple iPads, the Barnes & Noble Nook, an iPhone, a Windows Phone, a Google Android phone, a Google Android tablet and a laptop computer.
Like Winfred, the Australian diplomat and Bahrain resident, I am an avid e-book reader and the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle reading device.
Dorothy Nicholls, director of Amazon Kindle, said the cloud reader concept fits into Amazon's effort to allow users to buy a book once and read it everywhere.