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People in Cyprus are fighting daily to make ends meet, and it is not right for (elitist) Cyprus to live in opulence in these ambassadorial residences," the group said.
Happily, the British Embassy in Paris, generally regarded as the most impressive of foreign ambassadorial residences abroad, is immune to the kind of invasive attack we saw in Tehran.
with Cameron recently warning plush ambassadorial residences were on the line
Its chief mission is to create temporary exhibitions of original works of art by American artists that will be shown in the public areas of ambassadorial residences.
Liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, have put ideology aside and, to put it bluntly but precisely, sold comfortable ambassadorial residences with all their finery to wealthy campaign contributors possessing no particular qualifications for the related and crucial tasks of representing the United States abroad, providing expert advice to Washington on matters affecting American foreign policy and security, and carrying out policy as decided by the president of the United States.
This way of life, in which luxurious interiors form the backdrop to entertaining on a grand scale, is often supposed to have vanished flora London with the abandonment of the great aristocratic town palaces from the 1920s onwards, yet it has survived with little interruption in the capital's embassies and ambassadorial residences.
works of art for the representational rooms of United States ambassadorial residences worldwide.
We don't have any vacant ambassadorial residences in our inventory of overseas property?
The embassies, ambassadorial residences and other diplomatic centres are being sold as the US State Department moves its employees to more secure locations, upgrades facilities and combines operations in multi-purpose compounds.

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