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Corollary 39 Let G be an infinite amenable group, A = <Q, N, f> a surjective CA on G and h : N [right arrow] G an injective function.
Proof of Theorem 3, sufficiency of amenability: Suppose G is an amenable group.
In this paper, we extend the range of Bartholdi's theorem by characterizing amenable groups as those where surjective CA have additional properties.
Let [pi]: G [right arrow] O(H) bean ergodic orthogonal representation of a finitely generated amenable group G, and let [alpha]: G [right arrow] H bean array.
For a general amenable group, is it the case that any weakly sublinear 1-cocycle is in fact (strongly) sublinear?
Monod, Cantor systems, piecewise translations and simple amenable groups Ann.
DE LA SALLE, Extensions of amenable groups by recurrent groupoids, arXiv:1305.
3 Fourier algebra of locally compact amenable groups and the property (B) completely
We characterize inner amenable groups by introducing the so-called conjugate convolution operators which develop the techniques of the usual convolution operators.
Yuan, Structural properties of inner amenable groups, Acta Math.
i]) with K [not equal to] {1}, and the quotient is the amenable group H.
If G is infinite amenable group and H contains a finite index normal subgroup N with N [intersection] A = {1}, then (G, H, A) [member of] A'.