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MODEL. A machine made on a small scale to show the manner in which it is to be worked or employed.
     2. The Act of Congress of July 4, 1836, section 6, requires an inventor who is desirous to take out a patent for his invention, to furnish a model of his invention, in all cases which admit of representation by model, of a convenient size to exhibit advantageously its several parts.

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They said that Pakistani farmers could get excellent results for fodders for their cattle by following American model.
German praise for American practices, already found in Hitler's Mein Kampf, was continuous throughout the early 1930s, and the most radical Nazi lawyers were eager advocates of the use of American models.
The Plymouth-born beauty, 29, has ranked in a tie-fifth position with American model Gigi Hadid on the Top 20 list compiled by financial news giant Forbes.
We're not saying it's always a good idea to go knickerless on a red carpet in Cannes, but American model Bella Hadid nailed this slit-to-the-hip red silk Alexandre Vauthier couture gown at the premiere of The Unknown Girl.
American model Cindy Crawford says she decided to write a book to help mark her upcoming 50th birthday.
In the musical ad for lingerie brand Triumph, an animated version of top American model Hannah Ferguson, 23, is helped to find the right sized bra.
Their topics include positive Asian stereotypes and supportive communication for Asian college students, the intersection of the Asian American model minority myth and sport, an alternative look at the adjustment of Asian international students in American higher education, Korean American college students learning their heritage language for contesting the model minority stereotype, side effects of the model minority stereotype on Asian immigrants in the US, and the model minority narrative and its effect on Asian American identity and social status.
"It seems some people here [in Australia] would like to emulate the American model. I don't understand the logic.
The model is likely to be launched in the Chinese market sometime next year, with the North American model to launch in 2016.
FOR their big day, the high- profile couple, prince Rahim and his American model bride Kendra Spears chose traditional ensembles by designer Manav Gangwani ( in photo).
Through Roosevelt's and the Club's efforts a system emerged that remains the most successful system of natural resource, use management and perpetuation devised by man--a system we know today as the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation (read about it at boone-crockett.
The American model of state and school; an historical inquiry.

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