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By understanding Dewey's pragmatism much too thinly, Kirk fails to see that Burke and Dewey have common philosophical opponents and that Burke's conservatism can even be read as a harbinger of classical American pragmatism.
Such apparent numbness or indifference in the face of profound loss gives fuel to the long-standing criticism that American pragmatism lacks a proper sense of the tragic and, furthermore, that its optimism is, in that sense, naive and partial.
The author's treatment of these issues is clearly within the tradition of classical American Pragmatism, especially the work of John Dewey and C.
Grey himself hints at this point when he declares that "while there are indeed multiple and apparently clashing strands in Holmes' thought, most of them weave together reasonably well when seen as the jurisprudential development of certain central tenets of American pragmatism.
Neither do I have difficulty with Copestake's relating such an ethos with Unitarianism and American pragmatism.
No Cornel West or Yancy or recognition of Black philosophy but at least the attempt to map a new cartography of postwar American philosophical culture in its "distinctively scientific self-representation" and its post-analytic formulations, bestriding two models or interpretations: "the analytic fracture" that cuts off roots to American pragmatism and early concerns in social or political philosophy and "the postanalytical recomposition" led by Rorty and Cavell.
Schultenover could not have chosen a more suitable conclusion, for it leaves readers with tools to continue discussion of the relationship between American pragmatism and Catholic Modernism.
I base my own willingness to invoke principle in American pragmatism, a rational I have explained at other times, but not in this piece.
If there are faults with this book's account, they consist in the insufficient details concerning Locke's pivotal role in American pragmatism and African American drama.
Obama's policy, and that of his Secretary of State, is a remodeling of the ideas of old American pragmatism re-theorized to suit the requirements and outlooks of the liberal middle-class politicians of the late-capitalist American societya"albeit in a black mask this time.

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