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ACTOR, practice. 1. A plaintiff or complainant. 2. He on whom the burden of proof lies. In actions of replevin both parties are said to be actors. The proctor or advocate in the courts of the civil law, was called actor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Translation: "American actor Sean Penn is currently working on a documentary on Jamal Khashoggi's assassination and this is footage of him in front of the Saudi Consulate."
Johnny Depp (49) is an American actor known for his role in "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series.
A-list American actor Colin Farrell, attending the seventh Dubai International Film Festival for the 'Cinema of the World' gala of his movie 'The Way Back,' will participate in a public 'In Conversation With,' question-and-answer session with fans on Sunday, Dec.
American actor Tabori, also an accomplished director, charges this story with energy and high tension.
Despite the lack of indigenous features (many local features are stalled as they wait for the promised but long-delayed feature-film funding from the feds), there's still a large amount of service production going on, including American actor Billy Morrisette's 1970s take on Macbeth, starring James Legros and Christopher Walken, entitled Scotland, PA....
[USA], Aug 24 (ANI): American actor Camila Mendes's recent one-year anniversary post for husband Charles Melton is dripping love.
2017) 1938 Jon Voight, American actor 1946 Marianne Faithfull, English vocalist 1956 Fred MacAulay, Scots comedian, above 1961 Jim Reid, Scottish singer 1969 Jennifer Ehle, us actress 1969 Allan McNish, Scottish race car driver 1970 Aled Jones, Welsh singer 1972 Jude Law, English actor 1978 Kieron Dyer, English footballer
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 9 August 2017: Renowned for his bizarre and outrageous comedy roles, American Actor Jim Carrey explores his artistic talents through a documentary titled 'Why I needed Color'.
American actor, famous for playing Frank Drebin in Police Squad and Naked Gun.
Birthdays: 1964: Rob Lowe, 42, American actor. 1957: Robin Cousins, 49, ice skater.
[USA], Aug 10 (ANI): American actor Kelly Ripa recently slammed a social media user who compared her to a cardboard cutout.
American actor, whose films include Some Like It Hot and The Odd Couple.

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