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Our observations of interactions between San Joaquin kit foxes and American badgers show that both antagonistic and nonantagonistic interactions occur between the species.
Resource selection of American badgers (Taxidea taxus) within study areas (second-order) and home ranges (third-order) in Illinois (n = 18; 1990-1995) and Ohio (n = 5; 2005-2007).
The American badger sprinted from the vegetation, eliciting flight responses by all three black-tailed prairie dogs and their conspecifics at greater distances.
The American badger sprinted toward PD2, capturing it via a bite to the dorsal-thorax after a 22-m chase.
The American badger emerged once and surveyed the scene above ground (Fig.
The American badger had been hit next to the drainage ditch, which had high banks, sandy loam soil, and no tall vegetation.
Fair, reported a roadkilled American badger found 5 June 2003 on the northeastern side of Jonesboro, along Johnson Avenue near its intersection with Highway 49 (35.
Parsons, reported taking an American badger from Marion County on 29 November 2008.
Lindzey (1978) also reported use of burrows by more than one American badger and speculated that they preferred various characteristics of dens for repeated use by multiple individuals.
9 1 TABLE 3--Importance of the five most common species of plants at burrowing sites of the American badger (Taxidea taxus) and random sites on the Chaparral Wildlife Management Area, LaSalle County, Texas, 2002.
Four species were detected frequently enough to estimate rates of use of habitat by study area: coyote, bobcat, American badger, and gray fox.
19 American badger (North Rim) [psi] (Elevation), p(.

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