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But those who can stomach it are in for a truly riveting portrait of the early American frontier.
Hornsby organizes British Atlantic, American Frontier into six chapters, heavily interspersed with useful maps and illustrations.
Appreciating his earlier work, I acquired, read and was impressed by British Atlantic, American Frontier soon after its publication.
Not only has Luchetti organized her material into distinct facets of men's lives on the American frontier (e.
The Oatman Massacre is a remarkable account and a welcome contribution to understanding the Mohaves culture, Mormon history, and a particularly harrowing event on the American frontier.
Highly recommended for school and community library biography collections for young readers, Zebulon Pike: Explorer And Solider is part of the outstanding Compass Point Books "Signature Lives: American Frontier Era" series and provides an excellent introduction into the life and accomplishments ("Pike's Peak" is named after him) of a man who changed American history with his fearless treks leading expeditions along the Mississippi River and as far west as the Rocky Mountains.
The third chapter tracks the travels of white transcendentalist writer Margaret Fuller to the American Great Lakes in 1843, and reads her "epistemological" quest westward to the American frontier as a hybrid text, a poetic ethnography that blends autobiography, history, critical reading, and a gender and race-based analysis of expansionism.
The Devastating Rise and Mysterious Disappearance of the Insect that Shaped the American Frontier JEFFREY A.
The truth is that the fervent Protestantism and the penchant for violence of the Bible Belt South are not responses to the American frontier environment.

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