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envision filing an amicus brief on the civil rights claimant's side
which former public officials filed amicus briefs in their personal
The tribunal first noted the existence of several aspects of the amici curiae's submissions and their relationship with the respondent state that appeared to 'give rise to legitimate doubts as to the[ir] independence or neutrality', (18) after which it held that that it 'is implicit in Rule 37(2)(a)' that an amicus curiae must be independent of the parties.
The second of the two recent decisions concerning amicus curiae participation in investor-state arbitrations was rendered in Apotex v United States.
4th DCA 2010), that it requested and received amicus briefs from the Real Property Probate and Trust Law Section of The Florida Bar and The Florida Bar Consumer Protection Law Committee, expressed gratitude for their assistance, and summarized their arguments along with the parties' arguments.
The key to a helpful amicus brief is just that--it must help a court in reaching its decision.
So, the Amicus Curiae's report that Modi can be prosecuted for his role in the Gujarat riots under Sections 153A and 153B does not change the status quo in this case.
As far as Amicus Curiae views were concerned, the SIT was directed to take them into consideration and express its final opinion on that.
The origin of the amicus curiae (4) can be traced to Roman law, where amicus participants provided the courts with information in areas of law beyond the expertise of the judges.
8) The first advocacy amicus participation in American jurisprudence was in the 1823 case of Green v.
In the past few years, NAA has filed amicus briefs on a number of significant regulatory, land use, fair housing, liability and other legal issues that confront our members daily.
In 1987, the Court of Appeals decided 369 appeals of which only thirty involved amicus briefs.