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The systems each include a pharmaceutical formulation containing an aqueous dispersion of liposomal complexed aminoglycoside, which can be amikacin sulfate, with a nebulizer.
Tenders are invited for code 21.20.1 for DC 016-2010 - "Medicines"; code DK 021: 2015 "The only purchasing slovvnyk" - 33600000-6 "pharmaceutical products"; (32 lots: Meropenem, Ceftriaxone, chloramphenicol succinate, succinate chloramphenicol, ampicillin, sulbactam, benzylpenicillin sodium, benzylpenicillin sodium, amikacin sulfate, Hidroksietylovyy starch 130 / 0.4 - 6 g, sodium chloride, theophylline monohydrate, Prednisolone, Acyclovir)
Ying-Biao, Quantitative Determination of Amikacin Sulfate in Injection by UV-Spectrophotometer, J.