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AMI. A friend; or, as it is written in old works, amy. Vide Prochein amy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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AMIS receive no Government aid at all - but in comparison, Scottish Women's Aid receive PS370,000 core funding per year.
For over four decades, he had served at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Hualien's Yuli Township, where several Amis villages are scattered in the mountains.
Sunnyvale, CA, March 27, 2018 --( Intuz, a growing AWS-certified cloud consulting company, has continued to strengthen its position in cloud computing domain with the launch of 100th AMI on AWS Marketplace.
"There is no living British writer who garners as much attention as Amis; so much of it hostile; and so much of that hostility, circularly, arising from the attention itself.
In the case of Martin Amis, no one has ever doubted if he was good.
Amis wrote the novel Lucky Jim there and also That Uncertain Feeling which was turned into a Swansea-set movie starring Peter Sellers and Mai Zetterling.
Why has Amis been out of print in the United States for so long?
The AMIS Masterclass entitled: Engagement, Empowerment and Continuous Improvement will focus on the St Francis Abbey Brewery's remarkable success in achieving an AMIS score of 80%, placing the site in the top 3% of all 4,500 AMIS participating sites - worldwide.
Moderating the discussion, Amis tore into Jonathan Franzen's Freedom , which critics have hailed as the last hope for the novel in the time of instant messaging, and earned for its author a Time magazine cover.
Amis is said to have agreed to give five face-to-face interviews to the author of the biography, Richard Bradford, in return for having an "editorial say" over the book's contents.
For that, of course, Amis has attracted as much criticism as praise.