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"Zinc oxide is a well-known material that tends to form both crystalline solids and amorphous solids, so it was an obvious choice to start with, but it may not be the best material.
2d, these aromatic polyamides form a completely amorphous solid aggregated structure, irrespective of the two segment lengths and their balance.
Lee, "Probing the mechanisms of drug release from amorphous solid dispersions in medium-soluble and medium-insoluble carriers," Journal of Controlled Release, vol.
The mixture was chromatographed on silica gel with 1 : 1 toluene-ethyl acetate as the solvent mixture for development, affording 10 or 11 as a white amorphous solid in 82% yield (Scheme 2).
a.) Characterization of metal - ligand complexes Based on physical properties it was observed that all the complexes were coloured, amorphous solids, non- hygroscopic and stable at room temperature.
ex Benth as amorphous solid. The Fab +ve of 1 showed the [[M + 1].sup.+] at m/z 333.3713 in agreement with the molecular formula [C.sub.21][H.sub.34][O.sub.3] indicating five degrees of unsaturation.
It is then become harder that the atoms should be frozen into an amorphous solid. Thus, the GFA of the [Mg.sub.54][Cu.sub.28][Ag.sub.7][Y.sub.11] alloy may be decreased by the high casting temperature.
For this specific kind of drug, many enabling technologies are available for the formulator to consider, including lipids, cosolvents, surfactants, nanoparticles, cyclodextrin complexes, and amorphous solid dispersions.
Washington, November 5 (ANI): Harvard University's materials scientists have come up with what they believe is a new and better way to model the formation of glasses, a type of amorphous solid that includes common window glass.
Compound 1 coded as [AW.sub.7]C (58 mg), is a yellow amorphous solid, with deep colour intense when sprayed with vanillin--sulphuric acid reagent and has an [R.sub.f] value of 0.56 in EtOAc-MeOH (4:1).
If the crystalline structure is no longer preserved, as in amorphous solid, the channeling effect is suppressed.