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begin strikethrough]The court will enter a judgment based on your verdict and, if you find that (claimant) was negligent in any degree, the court in entering judgment will reduce the total amount of damages by the percentage of negligence which you find was caused by (claimant).
The amount of damages, however, had yet to be determined, and Air France has already paid millions of euros in compensation.
The only thing that hasn't yet been decided is the amount of damages that Allstate owes to the class members.
The amount of damages has not been fully determined but damages to the surviving heirs were in excess of $1 million for each person, according to a claim contained in the lawsuit.
In the context of medical malpractice, tort reform legislation generally limits the amount of damages awarded to plaintiffs, particularly for noneconomic damages--for pain, suffering, and emotional distress--and punitive damages.
HOOVER returned to the High Court yesterday as lawyers argued over the amount of damages the company should pay to a rival manufacturer.
She found General Synod and the Diocese of Cariboo jointly liable for 60 per cent of an undisclosed amount of damages owed a student who was sexually abused at St.
First, Congress specifically limited the income exclusion for an amount of damages solely for emotional distress.
The number and scope of civil rights statutes have proliferated greatly since the 1960s, as have the types and amount of damages recoverable in such actions.
The IRS is liable to Barrett for unlawful disclosure under section 6103, and the amount of damages to be awarded will be determined by the district court.
In addition, any person who knowingly violates Title X disclosure provisions is liable to the purchaser or lessee for an amount equal to three times the amount of damages incurred by each individual.
The family is seeking an unspecified amount of damages against GSK for failing to warn about the risks associated with Paxil for pregnant women and their unborn children.