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AMPLIATION, civil law. A deferring of judgment until the cause is further examined. In this case, the judges pronounced the word amplius, or by writing the letters N.L. for non liquet, signifying that the cause was not clear. In practice, it is usual in the courts when time is taken to form a judgment, to enter a curia advisare vult; cur. adv. vult. (q.v.)

AMPLIATION, French law. Signifies the giving a duplicate of an acquittance or other instrument, in order that it may be produced in different places. The copies which notaries make out of acts passed before them, and which are delivered to the parties, are also called ampliations. Dict. de Jur. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Kartik (2009); Ampliation du langage et Kartik, occupation strategique de Ottaviani, et l'espace deliberatif laisse Squintani (2007) libre par le principal.
We identify time-independent, bounded, system space operators x with their ampliation x [cross product] 1 to H [cross product] [GAMMA]([L.sup.2]([R.sub.+], C)).
Metrica espanola comparada (2000) es una revision y ampliation del precedente libro del profesor Torre Fundamentos de Poetica espanola.
But m' and [T.sup.*] possess a virtue that goes beyond internal consistency: they satisfy the proposed rules of ampliation as well as m and T do.
El protagonismo de la cooperacion brasilena en la cualificacion profesional en otros paises en desarrollo puede contribuir aun mas a la ampliation de esas inversiones en el futuro, con la formation de recursos humanos locales.
El BNDES ha financiado, entre otras, la expansion de la capacidad de transporte de gaseoduetos en Argentina, las centrales hidroelectricas de San Francisco, en Ecuador, y de la Vueltosa, en Venezuela, asi como la ampliation de los metros de Santiago y Caracas; Ver: des/bndes_pt.
Its eighteen brief chapters cover such topics as deductivity and knowledge ampliation, metaknowledge, group knowledge, interrogative as opposed to propositional knowledge, modality, vagrant predicates, and insolubilia.
Written sometime after 1396, the tract is a specimen of the art of sophistria, or sophistic arguments, and it covers the following main topics: sophistria as a science, signification, syncategorematic terms, supposition, ampliation, restriction, complex signifiables, the significate of a proposition, mediate and immediate terms, propositions with a comparative or superlative term, and exceptive, exclusive and reduplicative propositions.
Furthermore, Hume's argument can only be converted into a sound one if our inductive behavior can be characterized as a process of rule-governed ampliation. Drawing on some Bayesian ideas, the author argues that our inductive behavior can probably not be characterized that way, so our immunity from Hume is secure.
Nor is it without interest that Peirce also followed Locke in accepting as a synonym or ampliation for the name "semiotic" the classical expression "doctrine of signs" or "doctrino signorum" since, again following the obligations imposed by the Ethics of Terminology, this alternative appellation hooked up the development of the proposed new study with the considerable achievements in understanding the sign that formed the Latin heritage of scholasticism.
"Il n'existe pas de couleur nommee Amour," Georges quotes from Izumi-Shikibu in the epigraph to her final section, "Deux ampliations," which again plays an ancient syntax and vocabulary against our twentieth-century feelings of anguish and nonbelonging.