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Analysis of Covariance for Second Grade Scores Source Sum-of-Squares df Mean-Square F-ratio P Treatment 77.
We then computed the analysis of covariance for each year and found the standardized regression weight for fellowship along with its standard error.
We also found significant differences between the four racial/ethnic groups on the MRNI-R Total Scale, through univariate analysis of covariance by race/ethnicity on the MRNI-R Total Scale.
We performed analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) on the cognitive data and fatigue assessments and separated the subjects into those taking no CNS-active medications and those taking one or more CNS-active medications.
Due to the potential for initial motor skills differences, the author employed analysis of covariance as a means for controlling for initial group differences on the PDMS-2.
The average of the right and left limbs for the healthy group was compared to each limb of the stroke group using an analysis of covariance with gait speed as the covariant.
The results of the multivariate analysis of covariance (MANCOVA) indicated that parental volunteerism in Kindergarten raised reading test scores, but it did not have an impact on mathematics test scores.
The investigators used an analysis of covariance model to compare changes in scores from baseline to the end of the study, controlling for treatment, center, and baseline score.
Soil organic carbon and soil bulk density data were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA), analysis of covariance (ANCOVA), and variance component analyses at a P-value of 0.
The Analysis of Covariance indicated no significant differences in growth rates between the three sites (ANCOVA, p = 0.
Analysis of covariance was utilized to test four questions to investigate the effects of the creative movement program on gross motor skills.

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