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Increased awareness of the client's thoughts and feelings in response to the anaphylactic reaction may assist the client in better understanding why certain feelings exist or continue to linger after the resolution of the anaphylactic reaction.
The present patient had an anaphylactic reaction, manifested by hypotension, hypoxia, bilateral wheezing, and subcutaneous erythema, after intravenous injection of indigo carmine.
Suspected anaphylactic reactions associated with anaesthesia.
Key clinical point: In children, severe anaphylactic reactions predict biphasic reactions.
As soon as a patient has an anaphylactic reaction, they should be placed in the supine position with lower extremities elevated; they should not stand up and move as this has been reported to increase the risk of severe anaphylaxis or sudden death.
During surgery for hydatid cyst Anaesthetist should always consider the possibility of an anaphylactic reaction especially when there is an unexplained cardiovascular collapse.
As there are no characteristic symptoms of latex allergy in anaesthetized patient, an anaphylactic reaction is the most probable causative factor and should be considered in the differential diagnosis.
Ecinoccocal cysts always carry the risk of rupture and anaphylactic reaction.
Concern was caused following a medical device alert issued by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on October 25, which advised medical and nursing staff using products containing chlorhexidine to be aware of the potential anaphylactic reaction associated with the ingredient.
It was undisputed that a patient with a shellfish allergy is more likely to have an adverse anaphylactic reaction to the iodine-based contrast dye used in cardiac catheterization procedures.
She recorded anaphylactic reaction of unknown cause as the cause of death.
Can cause anaphylactic reaction to previous hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine.