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PATHOLOGY, med. jur. The science or doctrine of diseases. In cases of homicides, abortions, and the like, it is of great consequence to the legal practitioner to be acquainted, in some degree, with pathology. 2 Chit. Pr. 42, note.

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Explain the two cognitive processes known as slow thinking and fast thinking as they apply to anatomic pathology, and discuss ways to decrease these pathologist cognitive errors.
We also describe the joint efforts of the IHE anatomic pathology group, DICOM working group 26, and HL7 anatomic pathology special interest group to define a common specimen model to consistently identify and describe specimens in both HL7 and DICOM transactions.
The overall system implementation included anatomic pathology, surgical pathology, autopsy, hematology, cytology and the histology lab.
ATLAS will be showcasing its Anatomic Pathology product in Booth #620.
XIFIN has processed more than 150 million claims for a variety of diagnostic service providers across various healthcare segments including clinical, hospital outreach, anatomic pathology, molecular diagnostics, therapeutic pain management, radiology and more.
StrataDx is a full service Anatomic Pathology laboratory that provides clinicians with Dermatology, Urology, Podiatry, Oral, Gastroenterology and Gynecological diagnostic services.
This important legislation addresses the financial incentives for self-referral of anatomic pathology services, among others, under the in-office ancillary services exception to the Stark Law.
The legislation would amend the Stark Law's In-Office Ancillary Services (IOAS) exception by removing anatomic pathology, physical therapy, advanced diagnostic imaging, and radiation oncology from the list of services that may be self-referred under the current exception.
GAO found that in 2010 alone, an estimated 918,000 additional anatomic pathology referrals were made by self-referring providers, resulting in approximately $69 million in additional Medicare expenditures than would have been made if self-referral was not permitted.
Kathy Bruner was named director of cytopathology and is board-certified in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology and cytopathology.
July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The College of American Pathologists today called attention to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) documenting millions of dollars in wasteful health care spending by physicians who self-refer anatomic pathology services, and called on Congress to take immediate action outlawing this business practice.
AMEX:APY) announced today that the Company has contracted with Holy Cross Hospital, a 241-bed independent community-based healthcare facility in Chicago, to provide Aspyra's CyberLAB([R]) Laboratory Information System (LIS) and CyberPATH([R]) Anatomic Pathology system solutions.