Ancient writings

ANCIENT WRITINGS, evidence. Deeds, wills, and other writings more than thirty years old, are considered ancient writings. They may in general be read in evidence, without any other proof of their execution than that they have been in the possession of those claiming rights under them. Tr. per Pais, 370; 7 East, R. 279; 4 Esp. R. 1; 9 Ves. Jr. 5; 3 John. R. 292; 1 Esp. R. 275; 5 T. R. 259; 2 T. R. 466; 2 Day's R. 280. But in the case of deeds, possession must have accompanied them. Plowd. 6, 7. See Blath. Pres. 271, n. (2.)

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at on the left hand, which leads down a steep hill, is called the Dog Bank, and seems formerly to have been inhabited by Jewish merchants, as it is named Silver Street in some ancient writings.
But if Champollion cracked the code, it was Hincks who went on to translate umpteen ancient writings and to become the dominant scholar in the field.
From the time of their discovery in 1948, this major collection of ancient writings found in caves near the Dead Sea have taken on a life of their own.
His predecessor Pope Benedict was an academic and a thinker, but he chose to begin his tenure with a lecture relying on ancient writings to criticize the Prophet of Islam and his teachings, drawing the ire of Muslims around the world.
Einhorn's music accompanying the silent film draws from various ancient writings and correspondence that Joan had dictated to a scribe, altogether creating a starkly compelling experience.
Many illustrations depict Champollion's quest to understand the ancient writings of the Egyptians, from his study of obelisks and different papyrus in Europe, to his year travelling the Nile, and his minute exploration of the tombs in the Valley of the Kings, all leading up to his use of the Rosetta stone.
Photographs, diaries, film, letters, ancient writings, music, and visual art are all part of the world's information heritage.
Dinur was uninterested in the ancient writings of the Jewish Bible (Old Testament).
All the ancient writings and epigraphically valuable texts on the temple walls are being digitised," Naidu said.
Importantly, Yu's work attempts to correct a longstanding view of Chinese texts, held by prominent Confucian scholar and translator Burton Watson, that these ancient writings are marked by a profound absence of religious consideration.
Readers from within the choir treated us with interspersed texts from laugh-out-loud to thought-provoking ancient writings.