Ancillary Administration

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Ancillary Administration

The settlement and distribution of a decedent's property in the state where it is located and which is other than the state in which the decedent was domiciled.

Ancillary administration occurs in a state to enable an executor or administrator to collect assets or to commence litigation on behalf of the estate in that jurisdiction.

ancillary administration

n. administration of an estate's assets in another state. An "ancillary administrator" is chosen by the executor or administrator of an estate to handle the property (primarily real estate) of the deceased estate in a state other than the one in which the estate is probated. Example: John dies in Montana where he had been living, and leaves a parcel in downtown Columbus, Ohio, then there has to be ancillary administration in Ohio to obtain Ohio court approval and tax agency clearance. Technically ancillary means "aiding" or "subordinate." (See: probate)

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oberstown provides secure accommodation for children detained by the courts, which includes individual residential units, educational and recreational facilities, ancillary administration, staff, catering, laundry, visiting, admissions, medical, maintenance and waste handling facilities.