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Prove that angle bisectors at vertices A and B meet at the side CD.
Table 2-1] Other centers of tetrahedron Position in Position in Centers 2D Geometry 3D Geometry Circumcenter A point where three A point where perpendicular bisectors perpendicular bisecting intersect planes intersect Centroid A point where three A point where median medians intersect planes (Planes with a edge and its opposite edge's middle point) intersect Excenter A point where exterior A point where exterior angle bisectors intersect dihedral-bisecting planes intersect Centers Property Circumcenter Becomes the center of the circumcircle and the circumsphere, respectively Centroid Divides the line which connects a point and the opposite planes' centroid as 2:1, 3:1 respectively Excenter Becomes the center of the excircle and the exosphere, respectively