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OCHLOCRACY. A government where the authority is in the hands of the multitude; the abuse of a democracy. Vaumene, Dict. du Language Politique.

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TERROR: Woman is seized by the angry mob in the centre of Paris' ASSAULT: The victim is on the ground as attackers move in for her bag
Police had to form a cordon at the front door of Ibrox to control the angry mob who were calling for the Rangers boss to be sacked.
An angry mob of around 100 took to the streets after police arrested two alleged Skye Bridge protesters.
PRINCE Harry's temper will be tested to its limits when he is pelted with potatoes by an angry mob.
A child-sex pervert was forced to flee from his new home last night by an angry mob of about 50 local people.
Hafiz Naeem and Babar Noman were picked up by an angry mob following suicide attacks on the Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church in Lahore last month.
Earlier an angry mob outside the jail attacked an Army convoy with petrol bombs, setting armoured vehicles ablaze and sending the crew - some engulfed in flames - fleeing for their lives.
KARACHI, May 19 -- An unidentified man was tortured to death by an angry mob in Korangi Industrial Area.
An angry mob of Muslims torched 40 houses and a church in the remote village of Gojra on August 1 after rumors circulated that Christians had defaced a copy of the Qur'an.
Media Contact: Liz Nichols, Assistant Angry Mob T-shirts 201 W Lake, Suite 125 Chicago, IL 60606 312-348-7230 email@angrymobTshirts.
Taunting local kids from the car window, they become trapped in a dead-end, while an angry mob gathers.
An angry mob tried to storm the courtroom in Brooklyn, New York, as he was jailed.