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OCHLOCRACY. A government where the authority is in the hands of the multitude; the abuse of a democracy. Vaumene, Dict. du Language Politique.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Meanwhile, a huge angry mob numbering in the hundreds gathered outside of Lin's home and started to fry chili peppers in protest.
In July this year, angry mob threw a man down from the balcony of a building suspecting him to be involved in murder of a youth in Nalanda district, the home district of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar.
30pm Tuesday to see her father who is his friend but when the father excused himself for a while, the suspect started undressing the minor but in the process a neighbour who happened to be passing by saw the two naked and alerted other neighbours.The angry mob moved swiftly to the scene and started beating the old man.
She said had Haleem Adil Sheikh not helped in shifting of the accused to the police station in a mobile van the angry mob would have surely lynched him on the spot.
She said had Haleem Adil Sheikh not helped in shifting the accused to the police station, the angry mob would have surely lynched him on the spot.
TUTANKHAMUN ITV, 9pm Angry mobs protest against the Pharaoh's mummy being removed from its tomb, while Carnarvon falls terminally ill, and tries to make peace with Carter and Evelyn.
In May, an elderly Coptic woman was stripped of her clothes and dragged into the street by an angry mob. To date, no one has been held accountable for the incident, despite it stirring widespread public outrage.
On July 2, 1993, an angry mob stormed the Alevi Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural and Literary Festival, the participants of which were staying at the Madymak Hotel in downtown Sivas.
Pakistan: An angry mob stormed a police station in southern Pakistan, dragged off a man held for allegedly desecrating the Koran and beat him to death, police said on Saturday.
An angry mob of Muslims torched 40 houses and a church in the remote village of Gojra on August 1 after rumors circulated that Christians had defaced a copy of the Qur'an.
They have since gone on to release two successful albums, Employment and Yours Truly Angry Mob.
"He got to the airport ten minutes into the second half of Nigeria's 4-1 defeat to Ghana and was spotted and then cornered by the angry mob. He managed to get on the flight without harm but it was a terrifying experience for him."