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Caption: Figure 6--data from a frequency sweep show the tangent delta as a function of angular frequency for samples 1 and 2; significant differences in the viscoelastic response between the samples are observed at low angular frequency, which correlates with polymer architecture; sample 1 shows a lower tangent delta value, indicating a higher degree of elasticity
0] is ultrasonic vibration amplitude, and [omega] is angular frequency, u is propagation velocity of ultrasonic in the polymer melt, and influenced by the experimental environment such as the neglected temperature.
To probe this behavior, the measurement of sheet resistance and transmittance was made with films fabricated in an angular frequency range between 1000 and 5000 RPM.
6] rad, is observed at the angular frequency of oscillations of the moment of external forces [[omega].
The voltage regulator is often assumed to introduce negative damping and to compensate the damping and to improve the system dynamic stability in general artificial signals for generating damping torque in phase with the angular frequency are produced which are known as "supplementary stabilizing signals (power system stabilizers) network" [1 31-32].
re]]/c, the odd-mode resonant angular frequency can be determined by
pe](0) the angular frequency normalized by the electrons plasma frequency evaluated at the center of the cylinder, [bar.
Angular frequency filtering: A basis for pattern decomposition.
O] the angular frequency of the free linear oscillator (without damping).
To this end, we have focused particularly on visual responses to the contrast of angular frequency stimuli.
The angular frequency (o is related to cyclical frequency f via [omega] = 2[pi]f.