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Figure 3 is a structural cross-section along Post Oak Creek showing the angular unconformity between the horizontal Warrensburg Sandstone and an excellent section of underlying dipping Desmoinesian Series sedimentary rocks.
Regarding the significance of this angular unconformity, there are two possible interpretations.
To the north of the San Juan River, the Mogna Formation lies with strong angular unconformity and palaeorelief on Palaeozoic beds on the crest of the Punta Negra Anticline (Figs.
The upper part of the unit is strongly reddening below a marked angular unconformity (D3).
Yellowish cross-stratified sandstones (Sessarego, 1983) overlying an angular unconformity (D3) accumulated during the early Permian (Mancenido, 1973; Taboada, 2006a, b).
A marked angular unconformity (D7) separates this stratigraphic unit from the overlying Rincon Blanco Group (Lopez-Gamundi 1994).
occurrence to the SW of Khojak Formation and overlying the Nisai Formation with angular unconformity, we believe that it may be Early to Middle Miocene.
The Lower contact of the Khuzhobai Formation is an angular unconformity with the Eocene Nisai Formation, whereas, upper contact with Bahlol Nika formation is transitional and conformable.
Thus, the slightly angular unconformity highlighted here, which can also be seen in the landscape (Fig.
The slightly angular unconformity at the base of the Upper "Brockelschiefer" was caused by non-deposition or erosion of the uppermost Zechstein at the basin margin (Rohling, 1991, Szurlies et al.
This dating is of great importance, as these formations overlie the crystalline Palaeozoic basement in some areas of the basin and the continental deposits of upper Stephanian in some others by means of an angular unconformity and are not affected by previous deformation events.
3- The undeformed formations T1 and T2, which were recently dated as Upper Permian by Jalil and Dutuit (1996) and as Tatarian by Jalil (2001), are deposited over the deformed middle-upper Stephanian rocks by means of an angular unconformity.