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These diverse Puerto Rican productions explore a variety of queer subject positions, ranging from outright (even if unacknowledged) denial or elimination (as in Llorens Torres), decadent poetic excess and aesthetic sublimation (Collado Martell), mourning (Villanueva-Collado), anihilation (Lozada and Negron-Muntaner), outright celebration and empowerment (Pagan Velez, Aviles and Matias), and linguistic and theatrical anti-racist games (La Fountain-Stokes).
When Paul Collingwood trudged back to the pavilion just moments after emerging, England were 6-3 and in danger of anihilation and humiliation.
Fresh from their astonishing Thomond Park anihilation of Gloucester on Saturday, Munster know the stakes have been raised even higher in their bid for Heineken Cup glory.