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At Indiana University, I've been part of an effort to develop a center that brings together experts from environmental law, wildlife management, and animal migration.
Designing transportation routes in such way as to avoid collision with animal migration routes (it is necessary to work out a strategy of motorway and express road development having in mind protection of environmental resources).
interdisciplinary treatment of animal migration conservation.
Knowledge of Understanding and describing the classifications and categories process of animal migration through the seasons Bb.
My concerns regarding political coordination and philosophical conceptualization are not meant to dissuade anyone who wishes to conserve the endangered phenomena of animal migration.
Kalahari) and where a limiting factor in the environment such as water or animal migration routes structures the human response in the form of solutions to time (storage) and space (mobility) problems.
Result: melting glaciers, altered animal migration patterns, and other environmental problems.
Climate change has an impact on things such as animal migration.
Open access may now be possible along the main animal migration routes, as well as in remote areas that are not accessible to motor vehicles, such as the Lebombo Mountains.
THE largest animal migration on Earth is in the deep sea.
Critics oppose the project because it would remove 48 prized oak trees, impact an animal migration corridor and impede the views for surrounding homes.

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