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But the purpose of the encounter has been misunderstood by animal rights lobbyists.
The European Campaign for Animal Rights believes that the only solution is harmonisation of European legislation and an EU-wide ban to end this cruel practice.
He has also given hundreds of professional and public lectures throughout the world, promoting animal rights and expressing his views.
The draft came as a shock to the country's animal activists as it was presented to the prime minister after he and representatives of the country's major animal rights groups had met.
But Linda, a prominent animal rights campaigner, insists she's doing nothing wrong.
Today, we will discuss ways for cooperation on animal rights, using EU funds for animal rights and establishing standards for animal shelters, Bagis also said.
He describes his own harrowing experience of having his lab trashed and his neighbors given false information about his work by animal rights extremists.
It's important to understand the difference between animal rights and animal welfare, and to know a bit about the Humane Society.
This reference work on animal rights has been comprehensively updated in its second edition.
In fact, publisher Doug Moss founded an animal rights organization--Animals Agenda--before founding E.
City Talk took to the streets and asked a cross section of residents for their views on animal rights and efforts being initiated for their welfare in the UAE.

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