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By producing meat in a safer, healthier way without the need for animal slaughter, Beyond Meat is helping to make ethical food choices easier, to the relief of our weary consciences and overburdened planet.
Tenders are invited for Etp for small animal slaughter house with the capacity of 2 kld
Lahore -- The Provincial Cabinet on Thursday gave approval to Punjab Animal Slaughter Control Amendment Bill 2015 and the draft law of Punjab Poultry Production Act 2013.
State DGP Jagmohan Yadav has asked the police chiefs of all the zones to take strict measures to check illegal animal slaughter and smuggling.
Put a tax on sugar, make the traffic light labelling system compulsory (it's no coincidence that the cereal giants, Kellogg's and Nestle, do not adhere to the traffic light system, which would show red for most of their products' sugar content), ban BOGOFs and 3 for 2s (poor quality, animal slaughter on a huge scale, massive food wastage) and just give us good quality food for fair prices.
Because of NMIS' efforts in implementing the standards for animal slaughter, mandatory good manufacturing practices, hazard analysis critical control point and humane handling of animals for slaughter, the country is able to export livestock products to several countries," the DA chief said.
The commission strongly recommended the immediate ban on the cruel and barbarous practices but unfortunately the then UNP Government or the successive governments, including the present Government led by the devout Buddhist Mahinda Rajapaksa has failed to bring in suitable legislation to ban the rituals of Animal Slaughter in Hindu Temples.
Last week the British Veterinary Association and RSPCA launched an e-petition calling on a stop to nonstun animal slaughter.
However, UEFA said that it has warned the Kazakh club that it could face disciplinary action if it continues the ritual slaughter of animals before matches, adding that animal slaughter was not acceptable in or around their competitions.
Surely it's not too much to ask for the visiting side to be respectful of people's feelings, not to mention strict laws on animal slaughter, while they're playing on our soil.
But then evidence of a ruthless murder is discovered amid the animal slaughter.
For years while constantly hearing about animal slaughter and witnessing cases in A'ali town, I had hoped that by now things would have changed for the better.