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The role of animal behaviour in marine conservation.
The result of this combination is a book which is packed full of scientific information surrounding animal behaviour studies, but which is also very accessible and easy to read.
The birds usually chose the right way home, except when the scientists blocked burrow smells from entering the passageways, they report in the May 2004, Animal Behaviour.
Thus, the color could be an indicator of which bird to wager on in male-male competitions, the researchers report in an upcoming Animal Behaviour.
With the new consideration of the food that wolves lose to ravens scavenging on the pack's kill, it makes sense for wolves to hunt in larger packs, the team reports in an upcoming Animal Behaviour.
Yet they showed no significant aversion to another meal of flavored blood, the researchers report in the February Animal Behaviour.
In the October ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR, the researchers point out that females who have had litters once almost always have another the next season.
In the July ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR, the researchers discuss 15 close encounters between male octopuses and 9 between a male and a female.

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