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This Article takes an in depth look at animal euthanasia. Part I examines the paralyzing drugs that veterinarians and animal welfare experts refuse to allow in animal euthanasia.
(30) To fully comprehend the dangers of pancuronium, and the reasons why it is shunned in the practice of animal euthanasia, it is instructive first to consider briefly its origins and history.
Certainly the animal welfare community is aware of the dangers of curare and curariform drugs; concerns about those drugs are reflected in both the professional standards of those who perform animal euthanasia, and in the laws and regulations governing animal euthanasia.
THE ANESTHETIC-ONLY PROCEDURE FOR ANIMAL EUTHANASIA Your pet is handled gently and with respect.
In some cases they may have to carry out animal euthanasia.
Scott Bartlett, who chaired the county's citizen task force, said animal euthanasia at the shelter would decrease if more dogs could be quickly identified and returned to their owner.
Public health strategies to control this outbreak, including the Food and Drug Administration-CDC joint order banning importation and prohibiting movement of the implicated animal species (http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/monkeypox/pdf/embargo.pdf), state-enacted measures to further restrict intrastate animal shipment and trade (4), premise quarantine, and animal euthanasia, appear to have been effective in reducing exposure of humans to infected animals, with few cases reported since its implementation on June 11.
For this reason, CDG guidance for premise quarantine and animal euthanasia (http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/monkeypox/quarantineremoval.htm) is based on the possibility that infected rodents from the April 9 shipment could be asympromatic, shed virus, and potentially cause infection in other susceptible animals or humans.
"Without physician involvement," Gaitan writes, "it may be impossible to ensure a lethal injection execution that is not cruel and unusual punishment." (43) Therefore, the American Medical Association's ethical prohibition against medical participation in executions "is inconsistent with a desire for a humane lethal injection death under constitutional precepts." (44) Gaitan makes clear his stance; state agencies should not punish physicians for participating in executions as long as capital punishment is state-sanctioned, lest animal euthanasia continues to be more humane than the execution of humans.
In Anesthetizing the Public Conscience: Lethal Injection and Animal Euthanasia, Ty Alper also looks at the significance of the public's attention to the lethal injection debate.
First, the veterinary and animal welfare communities condemn the use of neuromuscular blocking agents such as pancuronium bromide in animal euthanasia because the drugs are considered inhumane.
Tenders are invited for Provide facility supervising veterinarian services, includes conduct, on-site, orientation and review of the established euthanasia protocol with louisa county animal shelter personnel and animal control officers, establish or update as needed a euthanasia protocol for the louisa county animal shelter, conduct competency certifications for animal euthanasia by sodium pentobarbital injection.