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The survey instrument was designed to assess the participant's perceptions about the improvement in their knowledge, skills, confidence and applicability through the use of simulation training using cadaver animal model in fundamental teaching of pleuroscopy.
The new animal model will change the course of AIDS research.
Biodefense: Research Methodology and Animal Models, edited by James R.
Giving proteasome inhibitors to rats "more closely [simulates] Parkinson's disease than any animal model that has been developed to date," he adds.
Nonhuman primates are being used to study topical microbicides for the prevention of sexual transmission, but such a model has not yet been validated (ie, there is no "gold standard" to match any success against) and the development of other animal models may prove useful.
Even substances such as acetic acid can be harmful in animal models.
Task force chair Caroline Whitacre, PhD, is directing a large study of sex differences and disease severity and susceptibility in mice and rats with EAE (an animal model of MS).
The technology allows for the differentiation of bone marrow-derived stem cells into functional neurons and astrocytes, as demonstrated in animal models.
In the elevated plus maze, males treated with CPF spent more time in the open arms, an effect seen with 5HT deficiencies in animal models of depression.
JOINT ATTACK Scientists are eager for a good animal model of rheumatoid arthritis because the disorder continues to baffle them.
There's no way we're ever going to get a therapeutic approach to MS demonstrated without the use of an animal model that looks like multiple sclerosis.
Koob: In fact there is no such thing as a single animal model of craving.