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PHYSIOLOGY, med. jur. The science which treats of the functions of animals; it is the science of life.
     2. The legal practitioner who expects to rise to eminence, must acquire some acquaintance with physiology. This subject is intimately connected with gestation, birth, life and death. Vide 2 Chit. Pr. 42, n.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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And it is now to add a City & Guilds level 3 course focusing on sustainable and commercial farming techniques and the study of the science and animal physiology within farming.
This novel PET insert is compatible with MRI systems up to 15.2 Tesla and allows simultaneous measurements for the perfect correlation of PET and MRI data in space and time, in order to examine tracer kinetics, therapeutic agent distribution and animal physiology. The new, work-in- progress PET insert has been successfully installed in a 7 Tesla 30 cm magnet in a Bruker preclinical MRI system at the University of Leuven, Belgium under the guidance of Dr.
In the contemporary world of information, facts are easy to come by, so this textbook focuses on themes and overarching hypotheses of modern animal physiology that can assemble facts into useful, coherent stories and worldviews.
However, the past 10 years have brought enormous progress in our understanding of the pre-eminent role of the microbiome in animal physiology. In humans, it turns out that the 100 trillion bacterial cells that live in our intestines--and that do contain the Shikimate Pathway--play an absolutely essential role in the health of most of our organs.
This article is being retracted at the request of the authors because of concerns about the accuracy of the initial data from the animal physiology laboratory at Duke University.
"From animal physiology, we know that the fatty acid composition in cell membranes can be remodelled in response to environmental conditions.
Norell earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in animal physiology from the University of California, San Diego; her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of California, Davis.
I teach several physiology courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Animal Physiology, Human Physiology, and Reproductive Physiology.
"Alexandru loan Cuza" University Iasi Faculty of Biology, Laboratory of Animal Physiology, B 129, No.
The turning point was a course in animal physiology that explained how behaviors are often linked to biological processes.
Nondance courses required: Six credits of classes in biological diversity, cell biology and biochemistry, animal physiology, nutrition, chemistry, biochemistry, physics or introduction to psychology.