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Proponents of animal research point to the facts that virtually every medical achievement in the past century relied on the use of animals in some way.
This should not be surprising - a recent poll found that 96% of GPs agreed animal research has made important contributions to many medical advances, and 88% agreed that new medicines should be tested on animals before human trials take place.
The proposed legislation faced a third committee test yesterday, producing a majority vote rejecting plans to set an upper limit of permissible pain during animal research.
Truth be known, animal research is conducted under extremely rigorous rules and regulations from the U.
In late 2005, AAALAC conducted a review of CDC's research programs and laboratories for conducting animal research and noted certain areas in need of improvement, including the policies and procedures of CDC's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.
It is perhaps no surprise that GPs recognise the crucial role of animal research.
Animal research has always been critical for understanding human problems.
Banting House Inn Toronto, 800-823-8856 A ghost wanders around in late-1800s period clothing, and since this house was once used as an animal research facility, guests claim they hear dogs barking and running through the halls.
The auditory cortex; a synthesis of human and animal research.
Animal research has indicated that some PBDEs, such as BDE-47 and BDE-99, may impair reproductive development and that BDE-99 may also impair learning and memory (SN: 10/25/03, p.
IGENITY TenderGENE[TM] Developed by the USDA Meat Animal Research Center (MARC), it identifies calpain, a naturally occurring protein that enhances tenderness.

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