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Perhaps the most intense argument made by foes of animal research is a moral one: To study human diseases in animals, researchers often must make the animals sick or suffer.
Scientists dubbed their new animal research laboratory the "Mouse House.
Studylog also has the distinction of being the first animal research software in the world to emulate mult-site, mult-arm, rolling enrollment clinical trial methodologiesand the only animal research software to be a Best of Show Winner or Finalist in the past decade.
Chris Magee Understanding Animal Research, Farringdon Lane, London
Vladimir Sergeevich Popov is head of the animal research laboratory at the Moscow State University, where he teaches animal research to the students.
We must utilise this opportunity to be more forthright about the fact that without animal research, the bio-pharmaceutical sector cannot continue to innovate new treatments.
As Mr Magee mentions some alternatives to animal research himself at the end of his letter, why does he tell us there are none?
by Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, Division on Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the National Academies.
I do not think we can argue there is any substitute for animal research," he added.
College-level collections strong in animal research will find this a 'must': it provides a solid guide covering the handling and obligations of specialists, covering non-invasive and invasive methods of research as well as environments.
MARGARET BROWN St David's, Pembrokeshire FIONA Pereira incorrectly claims (WoS letters, April 26) that amendments to the new EU laws governing animal research voted through by the European Parliament's agriculture committee would seriously weaken proposals from the European Commission.

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