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Almost 50 percent of animal species are at risk of extinction in those places by 2080 if global temperatures increase by 4.
The bat, the honeybee, the dolphin, the humming bird are among the animal species that figure in man's quest to extend the frontiers of scientific knowledge.
Bigsal'sportfolio ranges from basic minerals to complete feeds for cattle, fish, pet and other animal species, serving not only as a product provider but also a key partner in instructing its customers on the value and use of animal nutritional supplements.
Distributions of trees are shifting to cooler regions like the poles or mountains, and animal species have responded to global warming by mating earlier in the year.
For this reason, the OIE considers that it is sufficient to certify the healthy state of animals for international trade during the relevant period before their exportation and maintains its position that no specific measures, including laboratory tests, are required for international trade in live pigs and other susceptible animal species and/or their products.
I was put on this Earth to promote conservation so people can protect wilderness areas, love wildlife, and feel energy, passion, and enthusiasm for our beautiful native animal species," Irwin told Science World in a 2002 interview.
Although it is well established that vertebrates are associated with emerging human infectious disease, the role of invertebrates, which constitute >95% of known animal species, has received far less attention.
This work seeks to amplify the artificial nature of these encounters and to prompt reflection on the impact we have on other animal species and their habitats.
As a lifelong livestock farmer, I appreciate your concern for sustaining various animal species ("Consciousness and Conscience," June/July 2006).
The comeback of the coyote is an anomaly among animal species, and Reid's tenacity in her search matches coyotes' determination, as they've now moved back to many places they were originally driven from and extended into areas they never inhabited before.
Though rare, the interbreeding of different animal species does occur in nature.