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On a computer screen, the researchers showed nine pet dogs pictures of faces from various dog breeds and cross-breeds, and simultaneously faces of other animal species, including human faces.
Yet recent research has revealed animal species that seem to have come from hybrids, including the unusual tiger swallowtail butterflies that Scriber studies in the Appalachian Mountains.
phagocytophilum in an area of Sardinia characterized by a high prevalence of tick bite-related fever in humans and animal species.
This is a book about bias--a largely unconsidered bias about animal species.
Youngblood's writing does tend to sweeping statements - "Horses," she says, "have to do with Mars energy, creativity in its physical work aspect" - and she has called her work process "cooking down to essence," a vocabulary somewhat discredited these days, when no one believes in essences or the idea that any animal species should be associated with a particular spiritual quality.
SUCH PHENOMENA AS GLOBAL climate change, depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer, mass extinction of plant and animal species, pollution of oceans and freshwater, proliferation of toxic substances, and unprecedented growth of population, present new and critical challenges to policy makers," testified Richard Benedick, chief U.
An eight-week study on several animal species showed that animal wounds treated with equitrX exhibited the same level of healing at four weeks as non-equitrX treated wounds showed at eight weeks.
London, October 12 (ANI): Scientists have warned of an alarming increase in the extinction of animal species, because of threats to biodiversity and ecosystems, like pollution, climate change and urban spread.
Twenty years ago, zoo officials say animals were fed the bottom of the barrel of human leftovers -- veggies gone south, bread gone stale, meat not tailored to each animal species.
It's one of the few animal species that seems to have arisen via a supposedly rare path: crossing two older species.
Biodiversity refers to a great number of plant and animal species living in a particular environment.