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noun animans, beast, beast of burden, beast of the field, brute, brute creation, created being, creature, pet, wild being
Associated concepts: animals of a base nature, domestic annmals, wild animal
Foreign phrases: Animalia fera, si facta sint mansueta et ex consuetudine eunt et redeunt, volant et revolant, ut cervi, cygni, etc., eo usque nostra sunt, et ita intelligunnur quamdium habuerunt animum revertendi.Wild aniials, if they are tamed, and are accustomed to leave and return, fly away and fly back, as stags, swans, etc., are connidered to belong to us so long as they have the intention of returning to us.

ANIMAL, property. A name given to every animated being endowed with the power of voluntary motion. In law, it signifies all animals except those of the him, in species.
     2. Animals are distinguished into such as are domitae, and such as are ferae naturae.
     3. It is laid down, that in tame or domestic animals, such as horse, swine, sheep, poultry, and the like, a man may have an absolute property, because they continue perpetually in his possession and occupation, and will not stray from his house and person unless by accident or fraudulent enticement, in either of which cases the owner does not lose his property. 2 Bl. Com. 390; 2 Mod. 319. 1.
     4. But in animals ferae naturae, a man can have no absolute property; they belong to him only while they continue in his keeping or actual possession; for if at any they regain their natural liberty, his property instantly ceases, unless they have animum revertendi, which is only to be known by their usual habit of returning. 2 Bl. Com. 396; 3 Binn. 546; Bro. Ab. Propertie, 37; Com. Dig. Biens, F; 7 Co. 17 b; 1 Ch. Pr. 87; Inst. 2, 1, 15. See also 3 Caines' Rep. 175; Coop. Justin. 457, 458; 7 Johns. Rep. 16; Bro. Ab. Detinue, 44.
     5. The owner of a mischievous animal, known to him to be so, is responsible, when he permits him to go at large, for the damages he may do. 2 Esp. Cas. 482; 4 Campb. 198; 1 Starkie's Cas. 285; 1 Holt, 617; 2 Str.1264; Lord Raym. 110; B. N. P. 77; 1 B. & A. 620; 2 C. M.& R. 496; 5 C.& P. 1; S. C. 24 E. C. L. R. 187. This principle agrees with the civil law. Domat, Lois Civ. liv. 2, t. 8, s. 2. And any person may justify the killing of such ferocious animals. 9 Johns. 233; 10. Johns. 365; 13 Johns. 312. The owner, of such an animal may be indicted for a common nuisance. 1 Russ. Ch. Cr. Law, 643; Burn's Just., Nuisance, 1.
     6. In Louisiana, the owner of an animal is answerable for the damage he may cause; but if the animal be lost, or has strayed more than a day, he may discharge himself from this responsibility, by abandoning him to the person who has sustained the injury; except where the master turns loose a dangerous or noxious animal; for then he must pay all the harm done, without being allowed to make the abandonment. Civ. Code, art. 2301. See Bouv. Inst. Index, h.t.

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International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, in particular, is cheerfully brandishing the Tories' willingness to sign trade agreements with countries that have far lower standards of animal welfare, and that are actively lobbying to undercut the UK's safeguards.
Denmark has a long practical and research-based tradition for systematically working to lift animal welfare and develop control in Danish dwellings.
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Animal Welfare For The Many, Not The Few vows to close Hunting Act loopholes and also reform farm subsidies after Brexit, to discourage intensive farming.
Local authorities will continue to have an important role in animal welfare, he added, while within three months, the interior ministry (which supervise local authorities) along with the agriculture ministry will submit bills to clarify the roles each ministry will have.
Results--Seventeen of 49 (35%) institutions responded to the survey of part 1, of which 10 offered a formal animal welfare course, 9 offered a formal animal behavior course, 8 offered a formal animal ethics course, and 5 offered a combined animal welfare, behavior, and ethics course.
This expectation presents both risks and opportunities--risks for retailers that fail to adapt to their customers' changing expectations, and opportunities for retailers to get ahead of issues like animal welfare and proactively court customers based on their work around the issue.
Research shows that at least 69 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for products supporting higher animal welfare standards.
It will then be proposed that the current situation requires Commonwealth intervention to establish a guardianship model of animal welfare law based on internationally and socially recognised principles, with a concomitant expansion of the rules of standing enabling representation of animals before the Courts by litigation guardians, in a similar model to that used for children and the mentally ill.
Conwy council was awarded the RSPCA Innovator for Wales award for improving animal welfare while Wrexham council was awarded a commendation.
The ministry recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Emirates Society for Animal Welfare (ESAW) and the Emirates Park Zoo to work together to increase public awareness on animal welfare.
The European Commission will soon publish an animal welfare law which will bring together all existing animal welfare legislation.

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