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Australian psychologists' knowledge of and attitudes towards animal-assisted therapy.
Effects of animal-assisted therapy on patient's anxiety, fear and depression before ECT.
The main search terms used were animal-assisted therapy, animal-assisted activities, animal therapy, pet therapy, and canine therapy.
Organizations such as Pet Partners have also supported these notions by recommending explicitly that animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activities be clearly differentiated [8].
They include United Designers, a fashion concept store and incubator for emerging fashion designers; SO Famous, a modelling and etiquette school which prepares aspiring models with important business skills; and Pet Love, which will provide animal-assisted therapy to psychologically and physiologically-impaired patients.
Competing against 78 business idea submissions, Aditi Sen's idea to provide animal-assisted therapy for psychologically and medically-ill patients took top honours at the competition.
Although attempts to systematically quantify and scientifically evaluate the results of animal-assisted therapy have been and will continue to be made, for now the anecdotal evidence of its overwhelmingly positive impact is not only encouraging, but also substantial enough to support its continuation.
This reviewer found the first half of the book more interesting, as Pfau describes how she left a successful eighteen-year career in business for a new profession that would allow her to share her love of animals with people in distress: animal-assisted therapy, a modality of recreational therapy.
Animal-assisted therapy was defined as a goal directed intervention directed and/or delivered by a health/human service professional with specialised expertise, and within the scope of practice of his/her profession.
She recounts the visits of two therapy dogs to patients at a south Florida hospice facility, as well as her own mother's illness and death and an explanation of animal-assisted therapy.
Topics are diverse, and a sampling includes imagery, yoga, animal-assisted therapy, healing touch, massage, and herbal medicines.