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The Annie Awards also added a new category this year: best animated feature, independent.
This year'sBest Animated Feature nominations include:Anomalisa (Paramount Pictures), Inside Out (Pixar Animation Studios),Shaun the Sheep The Movie (Aardman Animations),The Good Dinosaur (Pixar Animation Studios), andThe Peanuts Movie (Blue Sky Studios, Twentieth Century Fox Animation).
Best Animated Feature - Effects Animation: Jason Wen - Character Animation: Claire Billett - Character Design in an Animated Feature: Nick Park - Directing in an Animated Feature Production: Nick Park & Steve Box - Music in an Animated Feature Production: Julian Nott - Production Design in an Animated Feature Production: Phil Lewis - Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production: Bob Persichetti - Voice Acting in an Animated Feature: Peter Sallis (as Wallace) - Writing in an Animated Feature Production: Steve Box, Nick Park, Bob Baker & Mark Burton
Still, the film is Disney's most engaging and original cartoon in years--and on a much tighter budget than most of the studio's animated features.
The very first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, got a special Academy Award in 1937.
However, New York artist Robert Longo's first film is shot in such a flat mariner--and Reeves is at his wooden worst--that the result is a terrible bore and probably would have worked better as an animated feature.
By those standards DreamWorks' new animated feature, The Prince of Egypt--a rendition of the Moses story--is a great success.
We're equally proud that 'The Princess and the Frog,' our latest hand-drawn animated feature from Disney, has been recognized in the 'Best Animated Feature Film' category, and that two of Randy Newman's brilliant songs were also honored.
Laika received a total of 10 nominations including Best Animated Feature "Coraline" and Pixar Animation Studios received a total of nine nominations including Best Animated Feature "Up.
A couple of days after hearing that ``Were-Rabbit'' - the first feature-length film about Wallace and Gromit - was an Oscar nominee for best animated feature, Park and Box were still in a silly mood.
Hoping to build on their string of successes, Nelvana embarked on an ambitious new project, a fully animated feature film.
Big Bucks" in Gina D's new animated feature film called "Gina D & The Transistor Sisters - In Search of the Golden Record(TM)"