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The increasing popularity of computer-generated animation hasn't erased the demand for animators skilled in the art of hand-drawn images.
Discreet introduces key new features in 3ds max 5 software that will advance the realism, character animation and productivity requirements necessary for animators to create lifelike 3D animations.
GLENDALE - A group that includes a DreamWorks SKG executive, architects and animation producers wants to turn an old Glendale bank building into a center to celebrate animation, with hopes to open it in 2006.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Animation Software in Millions of US$.
Photo Animation Software Products Add Entertainment Value to Digital Photos; Let Digital Photographers Morph, Warp and Mix-Up Their Images
The new animation features expand upon the currently available camera animation capabilities.
Now iClone powerfully makes 3D animation accessible to everyone with an interest in 3D digital arts.
The user imports a single digital photo, and CrazyTalk's auto fitting wizard automatically finds the eyes and mouth to animate the image, although manual adjustments are allowed for fine tuning your animations.
We were looking to do things that had never been done in the history of the motion picture industry: hundreds of thousands of soldiers for the Battle of Pelennor Fields scene and the incredibly life-like animations of Shelob and Gollum.
The ability to create beautiful, evocative animations is no longer limited to movie studios or professional animators," said Caligari President and founder, Roman Ormandy.
Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM) today announced the launch of Animations.
Presentation Templates and Design-Studio-Quality Animations